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  Título:   The book of longing     
  Artista/Autor:   LUCIANA SOUZA  
  Sello:   Sunnyside , USA , 2018  
  Observaciones:   en Inglés  
  Estilo:   voz - Jazz  
  Info:   Luciana Souza (voz, percusión, arreglos), Chico Pinheiro (guitarra), Scott Colley (contrabajo).

Edición en formato Digipack.

"Stunning, provocative, impassioned, esoteric, beautiful and soulful - just a few of the many adjectives that can be used to describe Luciana Souza's remarkable new album, The Book Of Longing is a tour-de-force for the Grammy-nominated vocalist whose career continues to cross musical boundaries with unabashed curiosity and unbridled sheer delight. To put it simply, The Book Of Longing is a song cycle -a passionate melding of poetry by the likes of Leonard Cohen, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Emily Dickinson, Christina Rossetti and Luciana herself- set to beautiful string accompaniment -for which all of the music was written and arranged by Souza. But this album is anything but simple- and its treasure trove of tracks comb the depths of human emotion from start to finish.
When describing the creative process behind the making of The Book Of Longing, Luciana was very concise as to how she approached the recording. "It became clear to me that I wanted this recording to be about words and how they make me feel. How a set of ideas can take me places, reveal things I didn’t know or even knew that I needed to know. As I started setting these poems I wanted the words to be heard, but not necessarily defined. To me, the string instruments offer the best canvas for these songs. Like the voice, the sound of plucked strings decay and brings on silence and more possibility for listening. Also, the idea of counterpoint between the voice and strings was essential to me. The music would have to be simple and unadorned. Thus began the process of editing and shedding layers of more complex harmony and melody in favor of the most basic and expressive of landscapes - it’s about the words, I reminded myself - simple triads moving directly, tonal melodies, no fuss or unnecessary activity or ornaments."" (texto de presentación del sello discográfico)

Formato Disponibilidad Precio
CD Disponible  16,61 €    
   1 -These things   
(Luciana Souza)
   2 -Daybreak   
(Luciana Souza)
   3 -Alms   
(Luciana Souza - Edna St. Vincent Millay)
   4 -Night song   
(Luciana Souza - Leonard Cohen)
   5 -Paris   
(Luciana Souza - Leonard Cohen)
   6 -The book  
(Luciana Souza - Leonard Cohen)
   7 -Tonight  
(Luciana Souza)
   8 -We grow accustomed to the dark  
(Luciana Souza - Emily Dickinson)
   9 -A life  
(Luciana Souza - Leonard Cohen)
  10 -Remember  
(Luciana Souza - Christina Rossetti)

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